Honey Tobacco Body Butter

Honey Tobacco Body Butter

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Our Honey Tobacco Body Butter could also be called Honey Tobacco Solid Perfume. Enjoy the simple pleasures of a self care routine with our luxurious, non-toxic, and nourishing ingredients with a scent that you and everyone around you will adore.

It's made with organic shea butter and coconut oil and whipped with our signature Honey Tobacco fragrance blend to melt on your skin. It's made from 97% organic ingredients and we can honestly say that this is the best of the bunch.⁠ ⁠

Application Suggestion:
As a moisturizer: Rub a small amount in your hands to warm it up and then work it in to your arms, shoulders, legs, etc. 
As a solid perfume: Take a small amount and rub into neck, chest, + wrists

Ingredients: shea butter, coconut oil, Honey Tobacco fragrance

Specs: 4oz glass jar with a black metal lid